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Learn Āyurveda through experience

Get the best in personalized, holistic Āyurvedic healthcare wherever and whenever you need it. Learn how to integrate all areas of life to build health and strength naturally each season. 

Modern, Āyurvedic healthcare for all
Āyurvedic medicine has been used for thousands of years to

maintain health
and cure disease.

Learn how to manage your health with myĀyu

and save

  • Time

  • Money

  • Energy

  • Unnecessary illness

while gaining excellent quality and quantity of life, with a deep understanding and confidence in knowing your true self.
Through personal observation, awareness and growth
myĀyu teaches you how to
master your health, purpose and goals.


  • Assess and measure your ever-changing state of health
  • Optimal timing for nutrition, exercise, sleep
  • Risk factors and your predisposition
  • Best habits, how, when and why


  • Daily optimization and behavioral change
  • Awareness, observation, personal development
  • Tracking, analysis and positive entrainment


  • Experiential learning over days, seasons, years
  • Seasonal, doshic alignment promoting healthy aging 

Start with a

Screening (25 minutes), Single session (45 minutes) or Membership

Choose an expert (one or both)

Svastha Āchārya (SA)

Āyurvedic Health Coach​

Specializes in

  • Personalized diet and lifestyle

  • Common risks and causative factors for Āyurvedic disease

  • Safe, effective sequencing of targeted behavioral changes

  • Education, coaching and personal development in all areas of life

Āyurveda Āchārya (AA)

Qualified Āyurvedic Doctor​

Specializes in

  • Advanced assessment, diagnosis and management of Āyurvedic diseases

  • Targeted use of all available remedies including formulations (Āyurvedic medicines), foods, activities, treatments, Pañchakarma and more

  • Stage-wise, root cause resolution

Start here, or learn more about our services.
Diet Plan

A 25-min session to learn about options for your personalized, Āyurvedic healthcare management and ask questions.


Online Meeting

A 45-min assessment and review of your current state, plus a clear plan of action personalized with Āyurvedic medicine.

$99 or $149

Support Group

Commit to a daily, weekly or monthly plan to focus on diet, lifestyle, formulations and self-care treatments for your best health.

starts at $129/mo


Click the Start button to schedule your session on Acuity.


Receive your confirmation email and secure myĀyu folder on Google drive.


Complete your Registration form and Screening form. Upload any health history information to your folder.


Join your myĀyu session online through Google Meet. Work one-on-one with a member of our Care Team.


Receive your recommendations and Āyurvedic health management plan.


Integrate recommendations, track progress, learn how changes work and watch what comes up next.


Follow up to review progress and adjust recommendations. As you improve, learn and integrate protocols for lifelong health.


myĀyu Services

myĀyu is designed to help you learn and apply Āyurvedic medicine scientifically for your personal health needs.

Get the right help in as little as 24 hours

with personalized Memberships, Group Classes, Single Sessions and Screening Sessions

myĀyu daily

$999 or $1999 / month

Work with an Ayurvedic Doctor for up to 25 min daily. Receive answers to your questions within 24 hours.



myĀyu community

Starts at $39/mo

Grow your knowledge with four monthly group classes. Learn from expert Āyurvedic Doctors & Health Coaches. 



myĀyu weekly

$399 or $599 / month

Work with an Ayurvedic Doctor one to two times a week. Receive answers to your questions within 2 business days.



Single Sessions

$99 or $149, 45 min

Receive a review and assessment of your current state along with a customized Āyurvedic health management plan.


Online Meeting

myĀyu monthly

$129 or $199 / month

Work with an Ayurvedic Health Coach and/or Doctor. Receive answers to your questions within 3 business days.

Most Popular


Screening Session

$79,25 min

Find out if Āyurveda can help you with options for diet, lifestyle and therapeutics from an Āyurvedic Doctor.


myAyu Screening

Schedule a free myĀyu session

Can Āyurveda help you achieve your best health?

Find out in a free session.

Do you have questions about Āyurvedic medicine and what it can do for you? We can help provide answers in a free, 20-minute session with an Āyurvedic expert in myĀyu.

With the right expertise, plan and effort, Āyurveda gets results. But, it's not for everyone. Let our experts help you learn more about Āyurvedic healthcare so you can decide if it is a good fit for you. This session is for new clients to receive information with no commitment or obligation.

Would you like to try Āyurveda for free?
In a few weeks, we'll be releasing a free starter guide on how to use Āyurveda scientifically for personal, sustainable health.

If you'd like to receive this free guide as soon as it's ready, join ĀYU Academy's mailing list. We never spam or sell your personal information.

Āyurvedic medicine is the original healthcare system that is

  • Holistic

  • Reductionist

  • Personalized

  • Environmentally-conscious

  • Sustainable

Āyurvedic medicine is human-driven healthcare.

Work with Āyurvedic experts in myĀyu that you can trust. We have the knowledge and experience to support you and help you reach your best. 
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