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How to prepare for a professional career in Āyurvedic medicine


WHEN: by May


Training Expectations

  • Entry-level training period of one year, or 600 to 1,000 hours

  • 15 to 30 hours per week of focused learning

  • Weekly memorization required, including Sanskrit

  • Personal application and practice during training

  • Direct clinical practice during supervised internship


Preferred Candidates

  • Bachelor's of science or higher

  • Background in medicine, nursing, healthcare, science, technology or similar

  • Multi lingual

  • Relevant professional experience

  • Skills in critical thinking, logic and complex problem-solving

  • Aptitude for study, memorization, focused attention and consistent self-discipline


Online Participation Requirements

  • Gmail address, or compatible email account

  • High-speed internet

  • Minimum 13" screen

  • Headset and microphone

  • Equipment that supports real-time audio and video

  • Google Cloud apps

    • Gmail, Meet, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets

  • Comfortable with online learning and technology


WHEN: by August


Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • College-level, minimum 6 credits total

  • A&P I and II, minimum 3 credits each

  • Cadaver dissection preferred


Sanskrit, 30 hours

  • Applied fundamentals of Sanskrit for Āyurveda

  • Complete all three Essential Sanskrit workshops

  • Recite and write the transliterated Sanskrit alphabet

  • Read and pronounce unfamiliar, transliterated Sanskrit terms

  • Use online dictionaries and tools


Introduction to professional Āyurveda, 30 hours

  • Course AYU-100

  • Formal introduction to Āyurvedic medicine

  • Definitions, purpose, branches, application

  • Brief history and context on global and local levels

  • Review of philosophical foundations and Western sciences



WHEN: Apply by June 30th, interview by July 31st


Submit program application

  • Submit application by June 30th.

  • No fee due


Schedule admissions interview

  • Schedule admissions interview by July 31st.

  • Interview fee of $75 USD (non-refundable)


Receive decision and prepare

  • Receive decision email within 2 business days after interview

  • Prepare for orientation, third Wednesday of August

  • Fall semester starts fourth week of August (mentoring, live class)



How to prepare for an admissions interview for Āyurvedic medicine

Candidates for the SA Certificate Program must meet with Jessica Vellela, BAMS for an admissions interview. The purpose of the interview is to understand your background and experience, learning capacity and goals to maximize your learning experience during the program.

Be prepared to discuss your educational qualifications, work experience and professional goals. At the end of the admissions interview, a decision will be made. 

Candidates may reapply in a subsequent year if not accepted. If a final decision cannot be made by the close of the interview, candidates may be requested to demonstrate competency with a small project.

All admissions decisions are final for the application year.
All interviews are conducted online through Google Meet. Candidates meet with Jessica Vellela, BAMS for up to 60 minutes to answer questions related to Āyurvedic theory, clinical practice, anatomy and physiology, related health sciences, Sanskrit, classical literature and relevant topics.

Late shows and no shows without prior notification are considered forfeited interviews.
Schedule an interview and pay the $75 interview fee. Use the Google Meet link in your calendar invite to join the interview.
Sample questions for Admissions Interview
Questions will generally start at a basic level and go deeper, depending on the candidate's knowledge and presentation. 
Level 1: SA (Āyurvedic Health Coach) Questions
The following questions are used to assess the candidate's current knowledge for placement in the SA program. 
  1. Recite the complete Sanskrit alphabet and explain pronunciation.
  2. Write the complete IAST and ĀYUT transliterated Devanāgarī.
  3. List the doṣhas and describe their functions.
  4. Explain the concept of flavors and tastes.
  5. List the dhātus and explain their functions.
  6. List the malas and explain their functions.
  7. Explain dināchārya and its application.
  8. List the twenty guṇas.
Level 2: PC (Ayurvedic Doctor's Assistant) Questions
The following questions are required knowledge for acceptance into the Level 2 PC Program. Candidates who are unable to provide detailed answers should enroll in Level 1 SA.
  1. Define doṣha and differentiate prākṛta and vaikṛta functions.
  2. Explain agni, its types, prākṛta and vaikṛta states.
  3. Explain āhāra pariṇāma and the formation of dhātu puṣhṭi.
  4. List the names, authors and time periods of at least five classical works.
  5. Define the guṇas of each doṣha with śhlokas.
  6. Explain the siddhāntas of Sāmānya-Viśheṣha and Vṛddhi-Kṣhaya and their inter-dependent relationship.
  7. Dhātu prākṛta lakṣhaṇas śhloka
  8. Sāmānya āma lakṣhaṇas śhloka
  9. Explain the saṃprāpti of jvara.
  10. Explain koṣhṭha to śhākha-gata doṣhas.
  11. Pañcha nidāna, clinical application with examples
  12. Taruṇa jvara chikitsā sūtra and clinical application
  13. Define and differentiate śhamana, śhodhana and bṛmhana.
  14. Daśhavidha laṅghana śhloka and clinical application