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Prepare to study professional Ayurveda with the best tools and resources for Western students.
Ayurveda  |  Classical literature  |  Healthcare  |  Human Anatomy and Physiology
Learning Optimization  |  Sanskrit  |  Western sciences 
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Classical Literature
Classical Ayurvedic literature is the standard for training in Ayurvedic Medical studies in India today. These comprehensive texts provide depth of knowledge and practical application. The SA Program trains students on how to navigate, read and analyze classical literature throughout the 12-month program. 
References and Resources
Charaka Samhita
Successful students of Ayurveda are excellent communicators within the broad field of healthcare. Prepare for clinical practice with medical terminology.
Recommended Preparation
Beginner Level
Medical Terminology
Free and Paid

Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology Fundamentals Specialization
Free and Paid
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Deep understanding of Ayurveda requires strong, working knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology from Western science. These topics are included throughout the SA Program with the expectation that students have working knowledge. Students with deeper knowledge of Western sciences, especially A&P, will excel in learning and practicing Ayurveda.
Recommended Minimum: Human Anatomy and Physiology, College Level
Beginner Level
University of Michigan
Anatomy Specialization
Free and Paid
Introductory Human Physiology
Free and Paid
Khan Academy
Unit: Human anatomy and physiology
Free and Paid
Carnegie Mellon University
Anatomy & Physiology I & II
Course fee: $25, valid for credits
Intermediate Level
Human Anatomy Courses
Free and Paid
Additional Resources
Access high-quality instruction online with many free resources.
MSD Manuals
Merck medical manual, consumer version
Anatomy education resources
University of Michigan, Foundational Anatomy
Dissection tutorials
The Noted Anatomist


Khan Academy Medicine

The human digestive system

Learning Optimization
Learn how to learn effectively and efficiently. Many of the strategies included here have been part of traditional, Ayurvedic training for centuries. They are now understood through neuroscience research and explained in precise detail.
Recommended Preparation
Talks at Google: Barbara Oakley
Learning How to Learn
Huberman Labs
Optimize Your Learning & Creativity with Science-based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #8
Sanskrit is the language of Ayurveda. Utilize free resources online to learn about the language. Complete AYU Academy's Essential Sanskrit Workshop Series for clear, concise preparation before studying professional Ayurveda.
Recommended Preparation
The Sounds of Sanskrit: Its Alphabet
IIT Kharagpur
Introduction to the devanāgarī script: combining consonants
IIT Kharagpur
Vowel Sandhis
Academy of Indian Philosophy
Advanced Preparation
Watch This Before You Start Learning Sanskrit!
The Sanskrit Channel
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