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Find the best academic resources to learn Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine in English.
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Essential Sanskrit
Three Sanskrit workbooks provide the introduction to the Sanskrit language, alphabet, mechanics and basic vocabulary for professional study.

Sanskrit One

Alphabet & Phonetics

Sanskrit Two

Word Composition

Sanskrit Three

Basic Vocabulary
Foundations of Ayurveda Series
The Foundations of Ayurveda Series textbooks are the academic standard for professional Ayurveda in the West. These volumes include consistent transliteration, original shlokas, translation and references. Classical Ayurvedic concepts are presented in a logical, linear fashion that is clear and organized for Western students.
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Volume 1
Essentials of Professional Ayurveda​
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Volume 2
Core Principles & The Human Body in Ayurveda
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Volume 3
Principles of Holistic Living in Ayurveda​
Contemporary Literature
Review national and global issues in the propagation and practice of Ayurveda. This should be mandatory reading for any professional Ayurvedic training to set the context of education and practice today.
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Classical Literature
Classical literature textbooks typically come in sets of multiple volumes. They are most economical when ordered in a single shipment from India. Delivery times are generally 2-6 weeks.
Charaka Samhita
One or more translations are required. Generally students use both the online translation and printed text which contains a more elaborate commentary.
Sushruta Samhita
The translation by GD Singhal is the only recommended version. Hardcover and softcover are available, with the same content.
Ashtanga Hrdaya
There are several options for translations. The full set of 3 volumes translated by Srikantha Murthy contains the entire text. Newer and improved translations are available in partial options rather than full sets.
Option A or B is required.
Bhava Prakasha
There are several options for translations. Both volumes are an excellent resource for advanced practice.
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