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And trust that your patients and clients are in the right hands. Connect them with the experts in holistic healthcare to receive complementary care that supports them in your practice.


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Are you a healthcare professional who works with patients or clients needing extra support in diet, lifestyle and targeted, holistic management?

We can help your patients and clients.

We regularly work with complex, chronic cases that have been unresponsive or challenging under conventional care. We specialize in Āyurvedic medical assessment which allows us to create personalized, sequential management that gets results.

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We are ready to collaborate in healthcare to achieve the best outcomes for patients and clients. We can share information about assessment, management and clinical reasoning from Āyurvedic medicine with you via secure channels with the patient's permission. We maintain strict confidentiality protocols and use a HIPAA-compliant platform with a comprehensive suite of tracking tools designed for managing advanced Āyurvedic medical protocols and interventions.

​We work with

  • Complex, chronic disease

  • Non-responsive to conventional care

  • Physical and psychological

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For complex cases, we recommend a myĀyu Complete Monthly Membership for 3 to 6 months to get to the root causes and work through them. Deep, radical changes require time and commitment from all sides to achieve true healing.


We provide support on all levels of holistic healthcare management, including diet, lifestyle, sleep, relationships, environment, season, psychology, acute and chronic pathology, life purpose and more.


Āyurveda is a fully integrated, holistic, personalized healthcare system that can provide a new perspective on old problems.

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Our team works with healthcare professionals from all backgrounds including Medical doctors, Mental health specialists, Wellness and lifestyle specialists, Physical therapists and more.

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