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Prasanth Dharmarajan

Assistant Professor, Department of Panchakarma
All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi, India
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Prasanth Dharmarajan, PhD (Ayu)

Dr. Prasanth Dharmarajan is one of India’s leading Pañchakarma experts. He is one of the earliest staff members of the All India Institute of Āyurveda (AIIA) and in 2016 was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Pañchakarma Department. He designed and developed the department to handle hundreds of patients per day, created the first national standards for Pañchakarma Technician training in India and continues to manage the Institute’s post-graduate and PhD students. He currently teaches and trains international scholars through joint programs at AIIA and serves as the Secretary for the International Cell.


In 2015 he completed his PhD in Pañchakarma from the Institute of Teaching and Research (ITRA) in Jamnagar and became the first Āyurvedic Physician from the state of Kerala to achieve this super-specialty.

He previously served in the Department of Integrative Medical Studies at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math and its School of Āyurveda, in Kerala. Dr. Prasanth manages exceptionally challenging and often incurable medical cases for patients who seek him out from every corner of India and from around the world. During his Post-Graduate and PhD studies, he directed and taught several of the country’s most highly respected educational programs for international students, including Western doctors and medical personnel.


Dr. Prasanth has contributed to and authored more than 60 international, peer-reviewed publications, co-authored the Foundations of Ayurveda 6-volume series, and authored two academic textbooks for Indian training. He currently serves as a reviewer for three international, peer-reviewed, indexed journals of Ayurveda.


His service for the Indian government includes setting up a Panchakarma extension hospital for AIIA on behalf of the Ministry of AYUSH at LBSNAA, Mussoorie, for the Base Hospital Indian Army, New Delhi.


He has also appeared for numerous international visits, talks and conferences as a representative for AYUSH in the French Reunion (10 days, 2016) and Birstein, Germany (guest lecturer at the 21st Ayurveda Symposia).


Dr. Prasanth presented online for the Embassy of Vietnam, participated in online deliberations in Kazakhstan, and in Germany for the 22nd International Symposia. He has spoken at more than 50 online programs and deliberations at various national and international conferences of India. He gave radio talks for the French Reunion.

At the All India Institute of Ayurveda, he is an accredited skills trainer for Panchakarma Technicians in India. He serves as a guide for Post-graduate and PhD students and has personally guided over 10 students' dissertation works to date.

Dr. Prasanth holds guest lectures at ĀYU Academy for the SA Program (Clinical Term) and PC Program.

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