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Students and graduates consider the Svastha Acharya (SA) Program as the best professional Ayurvedic training outside of India.
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Student testimonials from 2017 - 2021
Level 1: SA Program (Svastha Acharya)
Ayurvedic Health Coach
The TOP 3 outcomes of this program for me are
  1. Gaining a concrete understanding of the foundational principles of Āyurveda
  2. Increasing my memory capacity and memorizing so much over the course of this program
  3. Being able to navigate the classics
  1. Deeper understanding of Ayurveda
  2. Ability to approach and engage with clients
  3. Sanskrit education
  1. Improved my thinking along the Ayurvedic format.
  2. Enables me to continue my studies independently even after completing program.
  3. Greatly structured syllabus gave a strong foundation in this new field for me.
  1. An authentic foundation in Ayurveda using its own vocabulary and own unique, holistic paradigm
  2. Familiarity & competence with classical Ayurvedic texts
  3. Professional training to use these concepts in real time with real people
  1. Deeper understanding of classical Ayurveda
  2. New skillset in helping people achieve greater health
  3. New and lasting connections in the world of Ayurveda in the US and beyond
  1. Increased awareness
  2. Increased quality of information
  3. Scientific application
  1. Learning the siddhānta
  2. Having a deeper understanding of agni and the digestive process
  3. How to better interpret the implications deśha and kāla can have on one's prakrti.
  1. Improved memory and brain function
  2. Increased self-confidence
  3. Intellectual satisfaction
  1. Foundational understanding of different Ayurvedic subjects
  2. Increased vocabulary
  3. In depth understanding of siddhanta
  1. Familiar with classics
  2. Top ten diseases
  3. Sanskrit pronunciation
  1. Depth of knowledge
  2. Appreciation for the subject
  3. An increase in my own ability to learn and keep up with a rigorous educational program
  1. More comprehensive understanding for the foundational aspects of Ayurveda.
  3. Better contextual understanding of Ayurveda's history.
  1. Understanding Ayurveda's reach and capacity to treat pathologies
  2. Getting to engage in depth with the classics
  3. Starting to understand the mechanics of assessing clients
  1. Learning the important components for assessment
  2. Understanding different ways of assessing
  3. Learning that "we" are still determining how to best assess and extrapolate Ayurvedic assessment tools to the modern Western world
  1. Greater understanding of level one Ayurveda
  2. Knowledgeable and confident to start clinical internship
  3. Humble to realize there is so much more to learn
  1. Being able to recall, access and apply knowledge in real time
  2. Seeing everything we've learned put to practice
  3. Experiencing how Ayurveda works first hand
Students appreciate Jessica Vellela, BAMS as their instructor for
  1. Wealth of knowledge
  2. Ability to explain in an understandable way
  3. Commitment, dedication and passion for the science of Āyurveda
  4. Sense of humour :)
  1. Ability to structure otherwise chaotic material
  1. Depth of knowledge which enabled her to answer all questions with great logic which is very much necessary in this subject
  1. Jess is an incredible teacher. She is not only extremely knowledgeable and clearly very intuitive as a Vaidya, but an excellent teacher, as well. Everything is so well planned out and presented. Lectures are clear, expectations are clear. She makes sure we push ourselves and our understanding of the science, while always guiding us along the way. Thank you, Jess, you're my apta!
  1. Making Ayurveda enjoyable to study
  2. Expecting a lot from us, which is nice to not be underestimated
  3. Bringing a sense of responsibility to us to help shape the future of Ayurveda in the US
  1. Practical application and examples
  1. Organization skills and teaching techniques
  1. Vast knowledge
  1. Practical application and examples
  1. In depth knowledge of subjects
  1. Tidbits for daily application
  1. Way of teaching and wording concepts for understanding
  1. Wit, genius, and capacity to use analogies to explain concepts
  1. The real life examples and experiences brought into discussions and explanations
  1. The depth and breadth of her knowledge in ayurveda
  2. She is a gifted teacher
  3. She could always answer questions for us clearly and simply and followed up to be sure we understood
  1. I really felt supported throughout and that itself was so incredibly helpful. A lot of the material was very challenging and the amount of material was challenging, so Jessica's support to keep going made all the difference.
  1. A logical in depth explanation of Ayurvedic concepts that were easily conveyed to a Western mind
  2. Personal insights into how she has been able to try and use Ayurvedic assessment in the US
  3. Anecdotal experiences were very helpful
  1. How she takes information from the classical texts and translates it her students in an easily, understandable way. This is a rare and exceptional teacher.
  2. By using the classical texts, she teaches her students many things: how old the science is, where it came from and how it is still used today. Specifically, the information taught is not based on what our teacher knows, similar to a "linage -based" type of teacher. We are actually learning from the great classical texts!
  3. She also teaches her students how to use, read and use the classical texts for future reference.
  4. Providing time in class for questions and showing great concern for her students in learning the science.
  5. Being flexible in general.
  6. Having a separate Sanskrit section.
  1. I was inspired by the unique structure of the program and the teacher's knowledge of Ayurveda and Sanskrit.
  2. Making it easy to learn classical Ayurveda and Sanskrit.
  1. Knowledge
  2. Practical experience
Comparison to other schools and programs
  1. If you are committed to put in work for authentic Ayurvedic education and not looking for any shortcuts, this program will only give you excellence in the end.
  1. I think this is a fantastic Ayurvedic studies program. It is extremely detailed, expects a lot from the student, and gets results. When I read the case study on Amavata I was so thoroughly impressed that I could understand a lot of it. All in all, I'm honored to be studying this material and I feel that this program does a great job of conveying how powerful this science of living can be.
  1. Jess has a vast amount of knowledge and personal experience that she brings to the learning experience. This element was sorely lacking in my previous Ayurvedic education.
  1. Āyurveda is a vast yet comprehensive traditional medicinal system and learning it is not an easy task, nor should it be. It should be taught by professionals who have learned Āyurveda from the classical texts and not regurgitated students from a lineage-based school. It should be taught with the utmost respect and not watered down to conform to ill-informed standards. It should be taught like the science that it is. To teach Āyurveda in any other way would be a disgrace. AYU Academy understands, respects, and honors the traditional medicinal system that Āyurveda is and the emerging profession it’s becoming. No other school compares.
  1. Definitely worth the time and investment. The cost for what is received is substantial and worth it. Highly recommended and better than so many programs out there in the USA. Amazing quality and deeply rooted in science, not "woo-woo" practices. No regrets.
  1. The SA program at AYU Academy has been the most profound Ayurvedic program I have experienced to date. The live online class structure provides an amazing opportunity to access authentic Ayurveda from an Ayurvedic Doctor (BAMS) where we are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, research answers in the classical texts, and engage in discourse as a class. The learning environment is incredibly rich and I am looking forward to applying the knowledge gained in my practice.
  1. The material and instruction has far surpassed any previous Ayurvedic education.
  1. I have loved studying at AYU Academy over the past 3 years. The classical references, discussions, depth, and breadth of the program is far an above any other program I have been in or heard of in the US.
  1. Depth
  2. Not "afraid" of presenting non-Western things to a Western audience
  1. This program must be the best Ayurvedic program available in the US currently. The depth of material and focus on the classical texts is far beyond what I believe is covered in other programs. I’ve had so many misconceptions about Ayurveda corrected. Ayurveda has a long way to go in the US and this program is stepping in the right direction.
  1. I'm learning the subject matter in a way I hadn't before, and it sticks.
  1. Introducing and bridging foundational concepts in a logical cohesive manner, while providing the classical references! Genius!
  1. Do this program. In just 14 months I have a much more accurate understanding of Ayurveda then I used to. I feel confidence that I can assist someone on their health journey and I know where to find accurate information when I don't have the answers. This program clears up the confusion on how to practice Ayurveda and how to effectively provide assistance to someone. It's a bright light illuminating the future of Ayurveda education in the west.
  1. A strong foundation in basic Sanskrit to allow for faster vocabulary acquisition & retention moving forward; an understanding of the challenges facing the current Ayurvedic profession and a clear vision of now what is needed from professionals in the field; a firm grasp of Ayurvedic history and literature such that the classical texts are more accessible and more nuanced. Very excited to move forward with this carefully constructed foundation that you set for us!
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