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Always with you

Wherever you are, connect with myĀyu experts who understand the many factors that influence your ever-changing state of health.

A team of Āyurvedic experts

works with you online and teaches you how to

  • identify root causes of disease

  • remove them safely

  • repair chronic damage

  • regenerate and heal

  • achieve personal, sustainable health

Use advanced, comprehensive digital tools to assess, diagnose, manage and track your health using personalized, Āyurvedic medicine.


The team of experts in myĀyu includes professionals who have completed rigorous academic and clinical training in Āyurvedic medicine on par with standards and requirements of accredited Āyurvedic medical training in India. Several myĀyu experts hold additional healthcare qualifications and licenses.

Recognition of Āyurvedic medicine varies widely around the world. In its most stringent form, countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka require qualified practitioners to complete a minimum of 5.5 years of fulltime, professional Āyurvedic medical education. This includes approximately 8,000 hours of total training with classical Āyurvedic medicine and Western medicine, covering pathophysiology, assessment, investigations and diagnosis.

Āyurvedic Doctors in myĀyu are qualified to practice Āyurvedic medicine in India and have earned the title Āyurveda Āchārya (AA).

Āyurvedic Health Coaches in myĀyu have completed training on par with standards and requirements in accredited Indian institutions at an introductory or intermediate level. They have earned the title Svastha Āchārya (SA) which can be translated as Āyurvedic Health Coach or Āyurvedic Practitioner.

Because of the lack of clarity in regulation and practice of Āyurvedic medicine outside of India, all titles except those designated by accredited institutions in India do not have standardized training requirements or scopes of practice. This can create confusion for patients and clients who seek Āyurvedic health care.

Experts who practice in myĀyu have completed rigorous training and clinical practice. We work together in a collaborative health care service model to ensure that members receive the right personalized care at all times.

Level One

Svastha Āchārya (SA)

Āyurvedic Health Coach

Level Two

Parichāraka (PC)

Āyurvedic Doctor's Assistant

Level Three

Āyurveda Āchārya (AA)

Āyurvedic Doctor

*Qualified to practice in India

Our Team
Jessica Vellela, Āyurvedic Doctor, Āyurveda Āchārya (AA)

Vaidya (Dr.) Jessica Vellela, BAMS is the first American-born woman to become a Doctor of Āyurvedic medicine and practice independently in India. Since graduating at the top of her class in 2012, she has been working with patients, clients and students globally.

Jessica teaches the key principles of Āyurveda to empower individuals to create personalized, sustainable health. She is the primary Āyurveda Āchārya (AA) in myĀyu and trained the Svastha Āchāryas (SAs) who work with her in collaborative, Āyurvedic care.

Jessica has lived internationally for over 10 years and understands a wide variety of cultures, geographical locations and seasonal patterns. She adapts Āyurveda scientifically for each individual.

Katerina Nestorovska, Āyurvedic Health Coach, Svastha Āchārya (SA)

Katerina Nestorovska is a graduate of the Svastha Āchārya Program (2021). She holds double Bachelor degrees in Health Sciences (Homeopathy), along with a double major in Criminology and Psychology. Katerina has an extensive background in diagnostics, assessment and holistic counseling through allied healthcare practices.


She guides individuals through the health-development process by focusing on self-awareness to discover the root causes of discomfort in the body and mind. Katerina is a primary SA for all areas of focus, especially diet, lifestyle and supportive formulations.

Born in North Macedonia, Katerina currently lives in Australia and has lived in India. She specializes in adapting Āyurveda to Australian needs.

Michelle Tryling

Michelle Tryling is a graduate of the Svastha Āchārya Program (2022). She holds a BA in philosophy from University of Dallas and has taught science and history at the secondary level. Michelle is also a C-IAYT yoga therapist who specializes in helping those experiencing chronic pain and mobility issues, neurological conditions, trauma, and stress disorders. For the last 10 years, Michelle has been the clinic manager for her husband’s Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture clinic and herbal pharmacy. They currently see clients and patients together at their clinic near Fort Worth, Texas. Michelle’s desire to find and understand the root causes of her client’s issues lead her to study with ĀYU Academy. She is indebted to her teachers, peers, and clients who are a continued source of her learning.


Michelle enjoys the challenges of honoring classical Āyurvedic principles while integrating them into modern life. She loves to cook and most enjoys discovering simple and delicious meals that best support a healthy body and clear mind. She is also an avid gardener who enjoys learning about and growing Chinese and Āyurvedic herbs along side her organic and native plants. She believes one of the greatest gifts of Āyurvedic medicine is its ability to demonstrate to a person their interconnectedness with the world. One of Michelle’s greatest joys is sharing that knowledge with others so they feel empowered to live to their fullest health potential. 

Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson is a graduate of the Svastha Āchārya Program (2022). As a licensed physical therapist for over 30 years, Sara focuses on lymphostatic diseases and pelvic health.


She has extensive experience working with people who have gone through cancer, pain conditions, and chronic illness. Often the people she has treated do not have a clear medical diagnosis and that has led her to seek answers for how to help people with chronic illness.


Her search led her to yoga and finally Ayurveda. As a certified yoga therapist, Sara knew she wanted to study Ayurveda. A serendipitous meeting with Jessica Vellela at a yoga conference confirmed that she was on the right track. Sara is now is structuring her practice with Āyurveda as the foundation and framework for optimal health.


Mark Kahler is a graduate of the Svastha Āchārya Program (2020). He holds a Bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary studies with focuses on Business and Sociology. Mark is a Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor, and integrates these with Āyurveda for optimal physical and mental development.

Mark specializes in male health, hormonal function, and physical training with supportive diets, Āyurvedic formulations and Western supplements. Born and raised in the UAE, Mark has traveled extensively and spent over 10 years in the US.

In 2022, Mark was accepted as an ICCR Scholar to the Bachelor of Āyurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) degree program at Gujarat Āyurved University. He is currently in formal medical training to become an Āyurvedic Doctor.


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