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Live your best

For over ten years, myĀyu has helped people all over the world learn how to achieve personal, sustainable health.

myĀyu members share their experiences.

"People don’t know what they’re missing out on if they don’t do this! You are the best coaches I have ever had. I am in balance now."

  - MC, 2022, working with Jessica, Katerina and Olga for 1 year

"Everyone should do this program!"​

  - ER, 2021, working with Jessica and Katerina for 3 months

"I am very pleased with my experience at myĀyu. The attention I received was above and beyond and it allowed me to find success in reaching my goals. Jessica has created a system that is easy to work with, personalized and highly effective.  Mark whom I worked with closely to achieve my goals was exactly what I needed. I find that the monthly membership allowed me to make much needed changes and I was supported in every step of the way. This method supports long lasting changes and I would highly recommend their skilled services. 

  - JD, 2021, working with Mark for 3 months

"I’ve known Jessica for over 2 years and not only has she opened my eyes to a whole new way of living she has healed me along the way. I started as a curious student excited about what Ayurveda had to teach me. What I didn’t expect was as I studied and applied the knowledge I started to see big changes in my life. Some of those changes led to the discovery of some unforeseen health challenges that uprooted as I peeled back the layers of unhealthy habits I unconsciously experienced. I went from student to patient last year after being diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia - which according to western knowledge is an incurable disease. She has helped me in healing my nervous system, regain my strength, and has continued to work with me to get my digestion restored. I am still recovering, but I know I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am if it wasn’t for Ayurveda and Jessica’s help. I am so grateful for her knowledge, her heartfelt presence and her encouragement. She is a treasure in the medical world and anyone who gets to work with her is beyond lucky!!!!!"

  - CT, 2022, working with Jessica, Tila and Mark for 1.5 years

"Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Jessica. The info she shares is accessible, gentle and easy to incorporate into life. I should know. She helped me out of a month of sickness in two weeks. Now I feel better than I have in over 10 years."

  - KD, 2014, working with Jessica for 1 month

"Jessica's familiarity with Ayurveda is very clear to me, demonstrated by her enthusiasm for medicine and the amount of time she has dedicated to expand her knowledge. I can tell she is truly called to this kind of work, has a strong intuition, and really knows her stuff. Many thanks, Jess, for your guidance and support!"

  - KJ, 2014, working with Jessica for 1 month

"I probably remember your advice so many times now-a-days, and I feel your consultation worked out very good for me and to top it all, your program and herbs.  Happy to get good Doc like you!!!  I'm continuing your medicines and to some extent the diet plan....Again, your med consultation was best thing happened!!! And thanks a lot. Please stay in touch."

  - VJ, 2014, working with Jessica for 1 month

"I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your Iyengar Yoga Class! Your step-by-step explanation of details is key to learning the poses and preventing injury, not to mention which specific muscles to use in order to assume and execute the poses correctly. I feel energized and stronger after each class as my flexibility, strength and balance improve! I've lost weight and look much better in my clothes, too! It's comforting to know that even with limitations, I can participate in your class and become more fit and physically well through gentle stretching in yoga practices. Thank you!

The body type/digestive system evaluation has been equally as informative through your deep understanding and recommendations of Ayurveda treatments. I'm continuing to learn what to eat and not to eat for my specific body type combination and really am feeling better! What has amazed me the most is my lack of stiffness in the morning in my feet, back, neck and hips. It's wonderful to wake up without running to grab the Aleve!

All of your shared knowledge is bringing a sense of peace and fitness to my mind and body and I am happy, grateful and feeling well because of YOU!"

  - RB, 2015, working with Jessica for 6 months

"In a matter of 2-3 weeks Jessica significantly improved my level of health more than anyone in the last 15 years. She gave me hope that I can actually feel really good in my body and I haven't had that feeling in a very long time. There was some protocol with food and herbs but I never had that feeling of 'I am never going to be able to do this.' In the end, I was eating, enjoying and digesting foods that I hadn't been able to eat for a long while."

  - KD, 2015, working with Jessica for 3 months

"Thank you for the help, guidance, support, information, encouragement and more important, unconditional love, you selflessly shared with me when I needed it. I am keeping my body's needs in the forefront more these days and not pushing and pushing as I have done in the past. I am opening to even deeper levels of mindfulness and awareness. I feel strong and healthy."

  - AC, 2012, working with Jessica for 6 months

"1) I have been in chronic pain for most of my adult life due to a series of car accidents. Three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I was constantly eating as a coping mechanism, even when I wasn't hungry. The compulsion to constantly snack has greatly diminished and I've lost weight. My digestion is much better. Many dark brown spots and blemishes on my skin have faded. The veins on my legs are less prominent. I have more energy. I look forward to my treatments and couldn't be happier with the progress I've made. With Jessica's help, I feel so much better in just four months.


2) Jessica is extremely knowledgeable; she is also a careful and compassionate listener, which makes her a great diagnostician. The suggestions she has made to improve my diet and lifestyle have been things I've been able to implement gradually - nothing has been overwhelming. She understands the constraints of daily life and is always positive and cheerful when I've explained I haven't been able to undertake everything. I look forward to my treatments and couldn't be happier with the progress I've made."

  - GF, 2014, working with Jessica for 6 months

myĀyu Pañchakarma experiences

"Jessica has accompanied me through three Virechanas. I have benefited a great deal from all three treatments and thanks to her intensive supervision not a single moment passed where I did not feel well taken care of."

  - LS (Germany), 2014, working with Jessica for 3 years

"Panchakarma is an intense experience for both the body and the mind. Jessica is an amazing guide. She’s experienced and very involved. Throughout the process the changes in your body and health are clearly perceptible. The end results, however, are highly dependent on how disciplined you are, before, during, but particularly after the treatment. The insight gained about your body, in terms of what makes you feel better and what doesn’t is invaluable. I would do it again, without a doubt, now with a greater understanding of the work it entails."

  - OM (Mexico), 2019, working with Jessica for 6 months

"I underwent Panchakarma with Jessica Vellela for treatment of psoriasis, which has affected me most of my life. As expected, the process had its challenges but overall was very beneficial. I knew from the start that Ayurvedic treatment would be different from the Western medical approach, which I had long since abandoned in favor of lifestyle modifications. Jessica showed me clearly how my diet related to the illness and what changes I could make. Leaving the two week process I came away feeling some relief and confident I could continue the work we began. Since then I have been able to maintain the gains and am seeing steady improvements. I fully expect to continue with Ayurvedic treatment and hope to undergo future Panchakarma."

  - EM (USA), 2019, working with Jessica for 1 month


"The whole treatment that I received was specifically tailored to suit my needs, all of its steps were explained and all of my questions regarding the process were answered. I was also constantly being checked-up on to see how I was feeling. Thank you so much for all of your help. I had a wonderful experience!"

  - MD (Mexico), 2012, working with Jessica for 1 month

"At 78 years old, I was recovering from knee replacement surgery and feeling very depleted, with low energy and depression. Jessica was wise, thorough, caring and compassionate in a way I had never experienced. This was not a "cookie-cutter" program like in other centers but careful and mindful daily observations and adjustments to the treatments and the food. I was nourished, nurtured and educated to a level of health I have not experienced since I was very young. Back home I feel recharged, energized and alive."

  - CM (USA), 2012, working with Jessica for 2 months

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