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Access an expert in as little as 24 hours with a myĀyu Single Session. Get a clear plan to handle many common health issues as they happen.


myĀyu Single Sessions

Get a personalized health management plan quickly, when you need it.

SA Single Session, $99  |  AA Single Session, $149

When you're ready for a targeted plan of action to improve health or address an underlying chronic issue, a myĀyu Single Session has the answers you need.

Meet with an Āyurvedic expert in myĀyu in as little as 24 hours to learn how you can make immediate improvement with the right directions.

In this 45-minute, online session, learn your options and create a plan that works for you. Let us help you prioritize all aspects of personal, holistic health with a comprehensive, targeted and clear plan of action.

Single Session with an SA (Svastha Āchārya), $99

An SA is a Svastha Āchārya, or Āyurvedic Health Coach. SA's are experts in Āyurvedic diet, lifestyle and common causative factors that can lead to chronic disease. In a Single Session with an SA, you'll learn which habits, diets and activities are likely impeding your health and why. Your SA will be able to provide instructions on what to remove, how and what to replace it with. If you want ongoing support with these changes, consider a myĀyu monthly membership to work regularly with an SA to optimize your diet and lifestyle.

Single Session with an AA (Āyurveda Āchārya), $149

An AA is an Āyurveda Āchārya (Āyurvedic Doctor). A qualified Āyurvedic Doctor is one who has completed at least 5.5 years of full-time, Āyurvedic Medical education at an accredited university in India, Nepal or Sri Lanka. In a Single Session with an AA, you'll learn about Āyurvedic pathology and Western correlations (if any). Your AA will be able to make a complete plan that includes Āyurvedic formulations, self-care treatments, diet and lifestyle habits to improve health. In India, many varieties of medical conditions are handled successfully with Āyurvedic medicine in clinics and hospitals, under the right supervision. In most cases of chronic illness, ongoing support is needed to review progress and adapt management as the state of the body changes. Consider a myĀyu monthly plus membership to work regularly with an AA and SA to cover all of your health needs.

Online Meeting

How quickly can you feel better?

With the power of personalized, Āyurvedic medicine, you get immediate access to a wide range of tools including personalized diet, lifestyle, formulations, supplements and self-care treatments.


Experience for yourself how quickly you can improve with the right guidance and direction.

Newton's Pendulum

Āyurveda MADE easy


Can Āyurveda help me?

In almost all cases, Āyurveda improves health, reduces risk of chronic disease and even repair damages after many years. Āyurveda's applies root cause resolution, targeted diet and lifestyle, and advanced compound formulations.


Get Expert Advice

Get a clear understanding of options from a qualified Āyurvedic Doctor in myĀyu. Navigate the complexities of Āyurvedic medicine with trusted, experienced experts in a new world of personalized healthcare.


Expand your options

Āyurveda is the original integrative, holistic, personalized healthcare system. It provides a fresh perspective on old problems. Gain access to healthcare that has been used for centuries for prevention, cure and longevity.



Explore myĀyu

myĀyu is designed to help you learn and apply Āyurvedic medicine scientifically for your personal health needs.

Get the right help in as little as 24 hours

with personalized Memberships, Group Classes, Single Sessions and Screening Sessions

myĀyu daily

$999 or $1999 / month

Work with an Ayurvedic Doctor for up to 25 min daily. Receive answers to your questions within 24 hours.



myĀyu community

Starts at $39/mo

Grow your knowledge with four monthly group classes. Learn from expert Āyurvedic Doctors & Health Coaches. 



myĀyu weekly

$399 or $599 / month

Work with an Ayurvedic Doctor one to two times a week. Receive answers to your questions within 2 business days.



Single Sessions

$99 or $149, 45 min

Receive a review and assessment of your current state along with a customized Āyurvedic health management plan.


Online Meeting

myĀyu monthly

$129 or $199 / month

Work with an Ayurvedic Health Coach and/or Doctor. Receive answers to your questions within 3 business days.

Most Popular


Screening Session

$79,25 min

Find out if Āyurveda can help you with options for diet, lifestyle and therapeutics from an Āyurvedic Doctor.


myAyu Screening

Schedule a free myĀyu session

Can Āyurveda help you achieve your best health?

Find out in a free session.

Do you have questions about Āyurvedic medicine and what it can do for you? We can help provide answers in a free, 20-minute session with an Āyurvedic expert in myĀyu.

With the right expertise, plan and effort, Āyurveda gets results. But, it's not for everyone. Let our experts help you learn more about Āyurvedic healthcare so you can decide if it is a good fit for you. This session is for new clients to receive information with no commitment or obligation.

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