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Learn how Āyurvedic medicine can support you to achieve your health goals even with complex illness.


Personal Screening Session

Learn how Āyurveda can help you in a Personal Screening Session.

25 minutes, $59

Would you like to know if Āyurvedic medicine can help you achieve a better state of health? Receive an expert assessment of your current state and an explanation of recommended options.

Āyurvedic medicine has been used for thousands of years to maintain and improve overall health, manage acute disease, reduce risk of chronic disease and even restore health after many years of chronic complications.

Schedule a 25-minute session to get started. You'll receive links to complete a brief health history review with your appointment confirmation. Then meet with an Āyurvedic expert in myĀyu online to learn about your specific options with Āyurvedic medicine.


You will receive a clear understanding about how diet, lifestyle, Āyurvedic formulations, treatments and even Pañchakarma may be appropriate for your specific needs.

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Can Āyurveda help me?

In almost all cases, Āyurveda can improve health, reduce risk of chronic disease and even repair damage after many years. Āyurveda's many tools include root cause resolution, targeted diet and lifestyle, plus advanced compound formulations.


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Get a clear understanding of options available to you by working with a qualified Āyurvedic Doctor in myĀyu. Navigate the complexities of Āyurvedic medicine with trusted, experienced experts in a new world of personalized healthcare.


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Āyurveda is a fully integrated, holistic, personalized healthcare system that provides a new perspective on old problems. Gain access to healthcare that has been used for centuries for prevention, cure and longevity.


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myĀyu is designed to help you learn and apply Āyurvedic medicine scientifically for your personal health needs.

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Personal Screening

25 min, $59

Learn about options for your personalized, Āyurvedic healthcare management and ask questions.

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Lifestyle Memberships

Starts at $99/mo

Life is all about the journey, not the destination! Learn how to have fun along the way and stay healthy for life.


Student Membership


Experience the power of Āyurvedic medicine with a student discount in a professional program at ĀYU Academy.




50 min, $108

Receive a full assessment and review of your current state, plus a customized Āyurvedic health management plan.

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Therapeutic Memberships

Starts at $149/mo

Receive the personalized, targeted therapeutic support you need for health issues before they get out of hand.


Family Membership


Share the love for health with the whole family! Learn, live and grow with healthy habits that build strong foundations for life.


Community Memberships

Starts at $39/mo

Grow your knowledge with myĀyu Community Group Classes and learn from expert Āyurvedic Doctors & Health Coaches. 


Complete Memberships

Starts at $199/mo

Learn how profound, yet simple, Āyurveda can be and experience the positive impact to live your best life.


Constant Care Membership


Let our experts guide you with a guaranteed 24-hour response time plus all the benefits of the Complete Membership.

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