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Learn specific topics to prepare for programs and expand clinical knowledge.
Workshops supplement knowledge for professional training and practice. Join AYU Academy's mailing list for updates on new workshops and schedules.
Sanskrit Workshops
AYU Academy upholds the authenticity of classical Ayurveda while scientifically applying it outside of India. AYU Academy was founded on bridging Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine as taught and practiced in India today with the modern, Western world.
AYU Academy is the first institution in the United States to
  • Require Sanskrit in Professional Ayurvedic curriculum from the start of professional programs

  • Include classical literature as mandatory training material

  • Teach students how to navigate classical literature from the start of professional programs

  • Require memorization of 250+ Sanskrit terms, meanings and concepts in the first year of study

  • Teach Sanskrit effectively for practical application

  • Innovate a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum for Western students

  • Teach students to extrapolate classical principles and adapt them scientifically

  • Teach the complexity of clinical diagnosis for application within the scope of Svastha Vrtta

  • Demonstrate that Western students can learn the foundations of the authentic science in one year


AYU Academy provides all core training for professional Ayurveda online so that it is affordable and accessible to serious students.

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