The future of holistic, sustainable healthcare looks bright with Ayurveda.


It is the longest, continuously practiced healthcare system globally and a treasure chest of timeless wisdom, universal knowledge, health and happiness.


The practice of Ayurveda is rapidly expanding today for good reason. The science provides a complete, holistic framework for integrating all factors that impact health. It takes a proactive approach to manage disease, prevent it and promote health for a lifetime.

Ayurveda measures health and disease.

Applying and practicing Ayurveda today comes with its own challenges. Understanding its principles in different geographical regions, people, culture and time requires an advanced application. The science is ready for research and development to demonstrate efficacy.

AYU Academy recognizes these needs and is responding with unique solutions. We provide education and practical training rooted in the core framework of Ayurvedautilizing the latest technology to advance our capacity to apply the science.

We continuously strive to provide the highest standards of competency-based Ayurvedic education and ethical practice.

I invite you to learn about our professional educational programs which have been fully redesigned to teach the complexities of Ayurveda instead of mimicking Western paradigms. Our goal is to maximize the capabilities of Ayurveda as the primary modality of holistic, sustainable healthcare.


Jessica Vellela, BAMS

Founder & Ayurveda Acharya

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