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About AYU Academy

The leader in innovative, professional Ayurvedic training since 2017 with the SA (Svastha Acharya) Program
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2021 Update from Jessica Vellela, BAMS

Dear friends and followers,

It's an honor to announce exciting changes and improvements at AYU Academy.

Since 2017, I've been teaching the most rigorous and efficient curriculum of professional Ayurveda with the Level 1 SA Program (Svastha Acharya). This year, the 4th SA class graduates with solid foundations in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, integrative health sciences and comprehensive clinical practice.

For the 5th year, AYU Academy is improving flexibility and accessibility while ensuring students receive the same depth and quality of education.

Competence and skill have always been the priorities at AYU Academy. I strive to educate students in logical, scientific, Ayurvedic principles so they can practice successfully in the global health care environment.

The SA Program maintains the highest standards in professional Ayurvedic training by being

  • Linear and logical: Ayurvedic concepts are presented and structured true to their classical nature, with cumulative progression

  • Challenging and rewarding: Students are rewarded for challenging themselves with new skills in language, holistic perspectives and real-world applications

  • Authentic and scientific: Correlations between classical concepts and Western sciences improve depth of understanding, knowledge retention and logical application

Key improvements this year include

  • Flexibility: Attend live, scheduled classes or recordings on time with the curriculum

  • Accessibility: Programs can be completed 100% online, with optional onsite options for advanced students

  • Affordability: Reduced tuition and fees that are some of the lowest for Ayurvedic education in the US

The challenging format and high expectations of the SA Program have attracted many of the best students in professional Ayurveda since 2017. 

If you are ready to understand the depth and richness of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, learn more about the SA Program and take our Readiness Assessment.


Jessica Vellela, BAMS

AYU Academy

Founder & Ayurveda Acharya

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