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Service Agreement

By using services at AYU Academy LLC you agree to the following Service Agreement.

Service Agreement

​Agreement between User and AYU Academy LLC

myĀyu is owned and operated by AYU Academy, LLC. Your use of myĀyu indicates acceptance of this Service Agreement. All prices listed in this Agreement are in United States dollars (USD).


myĀyu is an online, health education services provider of specialized instruction in the personalized system of Ayurvedic medicine. In the United States and most countries, Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine are unlicensed and/or unregulated.

myĀyu is not a healthcare provider, nor does it replace medically-necessary care. Always contact your Medical doctor or appropriate healthcare professional with questions or concerns about your health or any disease.


myĀyu provides online, specialized instruction using multiple tools and formats, which include


  • digital learning resources

  • live and recorded group classes

  • one-on-one educational sessions with Ayurvedic professionals

  • recommendations for products (purchased separately)


One-on-one educational sessions vary by type, duration and commitment level (membership services). Services are generally provided by a/an


  • SA (Svastha Acharya) or Ayurvedic Health Coach

  • AA (Ayurveda Acharya) or Ayurvedic Doctor


Overview of Services


The online, health education services available in myĀyu include


  • Introductory Session (20 minutes)

    • with SA, free​

  • Screening Session

    • with AA, $79

  • Single Sessions

    • with SA, $99

    • with AA, $149​

  • Memberships

    • One-time initiation fee, $100

    • myĀyu monthly, $129

    • ​myĀyu monthly plus, $199

    • myĀyu weekly, $399

    • myĀyu weekly plus, $599

    • myĀyu daily, $999

    • myĀyu daily plus, $1999

  • Optional membership add-ons

    • Mini Virechana, $350 (one week)

    • Complete Virechana, $350 per week

  • Members-only pricing

    • Single SA session, $69

    • Single AA session, $129

    • One-time initiation fee waived on all membership plan changes

  • Student-only pricing

    • myĀyu monthly, $149​

    • Additional family members (up to four), $149 (per month)


Services and pricing are updated periodically. Active members are notified of updates electronically.


Accessing Services


Descriptions and details of educational services in myĀyu can be found on, or Any differences between website information and this membership agreement will be superseded by this membership agreement.

Scheduling and payment of services is managed through the Acuity Scheduling portal of AYU Academy. Users are responsible for creating their own login (user account) on Acuity to manage sessions, reschedule, cancel, make payments and complete other administrative tasks.

Payments are accepted electronically by major credit or debit card. Bank transfer may be available at the discretion of AYU Academy. No refunds are provided for paid services (used or unused).


Members are responsible for activation, cancellation and payments related to their membership. Completed payments are non-refundable.


All memberships renew automatically on the same day of the month when the membership started. For example, a membership that starts on the 15th will renew on the 15th of each subsequent month until canceled by the user. Users may request to change their renewal date by contacting AYU Academy via email.


A payment method (credit or debit card) can be saved in the Acuity account for automatic payments. Membership payments are collected at the beginning of each renewal period until canceled. Users can cancel their membership at any time via their personal scheduling page on Acuity.


Any session may be rescheduled or canceled by the user 24 hours prior. Within the 24 hour window, the user must contact their SA or AA to manually reschedule or cancel. All efforts will be made to accommodate changes within the 24 hour window, however these cannot be guaranteed and may result in a forfeited session.


AYU Academy reminds users by email to schedule their available sessions on every membership renewal. If a session is missed due to extenuating circumstances, AYU Academy will generally allow the user to reschedule, at its discretion. Sessions missed without prior notification are forfeited and cannot be rescheduled.

Members will also be reminded about upcoming sessions with several emails, as follows.

Reminder email #1 - immediately after scheduling a session

Reminder email #2 - 72 hours (three days) prior to the scheduled session

Reminder email #3 - 24 hours (one day) prior to the scheduled session

Reminder email #4 - 1 hour prior to the scheduled session

Late arrivals can be accommodated up to 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. If the member does not arrive within the 10 minute late arrival window, the session will be forfeited.


Members can change (upgrade, downgrade or cancel) their membership before the membership period ends to avoid a subsequent charge. No additional initiation fees are due when plans are changed. For mid-month plan changes, no refunds or prorated credits are provided.

Screening Session


A Screening Session is a 25-minute, online, one-on-one educational session to learn about Ayurvedic healthcare options via live video call with an AA. Screening Sessions are appropriate for new users to learn more about Ayurveda and myĀyu services.


Screening Sessions can be paid for and scheduled via Acuity. Sessions can be recorded on request and accessed via a secure, streaming link.


Screening Sessions do not include specific recommendations, a post-session summary, the myĀyu tracker, additional check-ins or follow-ups after the session.

Single Sessions


Single Sessions are online, one-on-one educational sessions with an SA or AA to learn how to apply Ayurveda. Single sessions may be paid for and scheduled at any time. Sessions can be recorded on request and accessed via a secure link for streaming. A digital summary of recommendations is provided after the session in a secure Google doc shared with the user. 


Single Sessions do not include the myĀyu tracker, additional email check-ins or follow-ups after the session.

Users with an active myĀyu membership are generally offered a discount on Single Sessions.



Memberships are online service packages to work with a dedicated SA and/or AA to learn how to apply Ayurveda. Each membership level includes specific services for the membership period.

Membership sessions are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.

All memberships include

  • Comprehensive tracking tools

  • Online learning resources

  • Group membership classes, 4x/month, with an SA or AA

  • A personal, secure Google drive shared folder for your all of your documents

  • Google drive resources to learn more about Āyurveda

  • myĀyu monthly

    • Two 25-min, online sessions with your SA (Svastha Āchārya / Āyurvedic Health Coach)

    • One tracker review

    • Response time within 3 business days

  • myĀyu monthly plus

    • One 45-min, online session with your SA (Svastha Āchārya / Āyurvedic Health Coach)

    • One 45-min, online session with your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya / Āyurvedic Doctor)

    • One tracker review

    • Response time, 3 business days

  • myĀyu weekly

    • Two 45-min, online sessions with your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya)

    • Two tracker reviews

    • Response time within 2 business days

  • myĀyu weekly plus

    • Four 25-min, online sessions with your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya)

    • Four tracker reviews

    • Response time, 2 business days

  • myĀyu daily

    • 15 online sessions (up to 25 min each) with your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya)

    • A personal response from your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya) within 1 business day to any questions via your tracker or email

    • Response time within 1 business day

  • myĀyu daily plus​

    • 30 online sessions (up to 25 min each) with your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya)

    • A personal response from your AA (Āyurveda Āchārya) within 24 hours to any questions via your tracker or email​

    • Response time within 24 hours (including weekends)


SA sessions include

  • Review of current personal health experience

  • Review of current health goals, concerns or issues

  • Discussion of causative or risk factors that impact health

  • Recommendations and planning for realistic behavioral changes and improvements in diet and lifestyle

AA sessions include

  • All topics from SA sessions as needed, plus

  • Recommendations, instructions and planning for realistic use of Ayurvedic formulations and/or self-care treatments

​A tracker review includes

  • A detailed reading and review of user-entered tracking data by your SA and/or AA

  • Updates to recommendations and plan instructions based on user-entered tracking data

  • Notification of updates via the tracker and a tagged comment with automated email

Members may request a tracker review through the tracker at any time, up to their available limit per month.


Tracker reviews are most effective in situations such as

  • Within 7 days of starting a specific protocol or set of formulations

  • After accurately testing a set of foods, meals, dietary or lifestyle changes

  • In the event of active, acute health concerns or questions

  • Before or after any stressful event

  • Any other situation where personal health is a focus or priority

Recommendations for best use

For best results with myĀyu, participants should plan to schedule their sessions and tracker review(s) as follows, depending on their membership plan.

All membership plans run on a monthly renewal cycle. The total number of days will vary between 28-31 depending on the month.

  • myĀyu monthly​

    • Day​s 1 to 10 - SA session

    • Days 11 to 20 - SA session

    • Days 21 to 31 - tracker review

  • myĀyu monthly plus

    • Day​s 1 to 10 - SA session

    • Days 11 to 20 - AA session

    • Days 21 to 31 - tracker review

  • myĀyu weekly

    • Week 1 - AA session​

    • Week 2 - tracker review

    • Week 3 - AA session

    • Week 4 - tracker review

  • myĀyu weekly plus

    • Weekly - AA session and tracker review, every 3 to 4 days​

  • myĀyu daily

    • Odd numbered days - AA session

    • Even numbered days - tracker review

  • myĀyu daily plus

    • Daily - AA session​

Participation Requirements

For best results with myĀyu, participants should meet the following requirements.

  • Personal computer or laptop with high-speed internet

  • Google account or compatible

  • Basic use of Google cloud apps (Chrome, Gmail, Meet, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Forms)

  • Online calendar (Google Calendar is recommended)

  • At least 30 minutes daily to dedicate to myĀyu for personal observation, tracking, learning and application

  • Motivation to learn a structured, personalized system of healthcare that prioritizes personal responsibility and is distinct from traditional, mainstream Western healthcare and culture

  • Commitment to implementing behavioral changes in diet, lifestyle and self-care practices in a wide range of life areas for at least three consecutive months

  • Completion of online initial registration and assessment forms (1-2 hours)

  • Active participation in online educational sessions without distractions during the session (be fully attentive, take notes, create a realistic plan and commit to changes)

  • Schedule membership sessions regularly (every two weeks)

Additionally, participants are expected to adhere to a code of conduct and ethical standards, including, but not limited to the following.

  • Joining sessions on time, or sending notifications as early as possible to notify the SA or AA of late arrival

  • Whenever rescheduling or canceling sessions, doing so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time independently through Acuity

  • Always interacting with myĀyu professionals and other members of myĀyu in respectful, mature and professional ways, including no use of profanity, no statements of blame or disrespect, no harassment (of any kind, especially sexual), etc.

  • Constant prioritization and maintenance of personal responsibility in the process of health education

Changes to Services

AYU Academy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Services under which myĀyu is offered at any time. The most current version of the Services will supersede all previous versions. AYU Academy encourages users to periodically review the Services to stay informed of current policies.

Contact Us

AYU Academy welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Services:

AYU Academy LLC

1001 S. Main St.

Kalispell, Montana 59901

Email Address:

Telephone number:

(901) 209-9314‬


Effective as of July 1st, 2023

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