Learn the Science of Ayurveda

What creates health?

Uncover the what, how, when and why with Ayurveda's holistic framework, measurement tools and predictive indicators. 

AYU Academy is an online health education center

based on Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine

We offer

Experience Ayurvedic Medicine online, scientifically adapted for international cultures, locations and seasons

Year-long programs of rigorous academic training including Sanskrit, classical literature, integrative sciences and clinical practice 

Prepare to study Ayurveda authentically with the best English-language training materials in print and digital media


For Personal Health


Experience Āyurveda
find your personal health

in five months

starts January 30th, 2022
Learn Ayurveda through personal experience

Work with the best Ayurvedic professionals to experience the benefits of Ayurveda in your life with simple, cost-effective strategies for sustainable health.

Our health education team works collaboratively to

Identify and eliminate causative factors

Specific causes produce specific results, especially for disease. Ayurveda's extensive guidelines can prevent dysfunction especially when used early.

Assess and arrest progressive dysfunction

Ayurveda explains hundreds of presentations of dysfunction and instructs on holistic management using diet, lifestyle, formulations and treatments.

Regenerate and build baseline health

The regenerative specialty practice of Ayurveda is a planned stage of fortification that synchronizes with annual cycles for maximum longevity and quality of life.

Plan 1

Diet, lifestyle & root causes

Work with an

Āyurvedic Health Coach

Each month includes

One-on-one session, 50 min

Group Q&A session

Āyurveda lessons

Personalized Āyurvedic health tracker

Weekly feedback and encouragement

Each month, $129

Plan 2

Acute & chronic health issues

Work with an

Āyurvedic Doctor and

Āyurvedic Health Coach

Each month includes

One-on-one session, 50 min

Group Q&A session

Āyurveda lessons

Personalized Āyurvedic health tracker

Weekly feedback and encouragement

Each month, $199

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For Professional Practice


Learn Ayurveda effectively and adapt your clinical practice anywhere.


Professional Levels


Assessment tools


Clinical indicators
(Svastha Acharya)

Level 2


Level 3

(Ayurveda Acharya)
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AYU Academy students and graduates are
the leaders in their professions who strive to
and apply the science.


"AYU Academy understands, respects, and honors the traditional medical system that Āyurveda is and the emerging profession it’s becoming.
No other school compares."
- SA-2020 graduate
Workshop Participant, 2014
North Carolina, US

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Jessica. The info she shares is accessible, gentle and easy to incorporate into life. I should know. She helped me out of a month of sickness in two weeks. Now I feel better than I have in over 10 years.

AYU Academy student, 2019
Practicing Nurse in the US

What was critical to me was finding a program that offered authentic Ayurvedic knowledge and training - learning Sanskrit, mastering basic Ayurvedic principles, consistent and regular use of the classical texts and being taught by qualified professionals. I have found all of this and more in AYU Academy. The depth and breadth of this program instills confidence that I will be able to practice the science of Ayurveda and its clinical application competently.

AYU Academy student, 2021
Studied Ayurveda for 10 years in the US

I have learned more in my first two months at ĀYU Academy than I did in a year and a half of study at my previous school. I am not just regurgitating the material, but thinking and contemplating what I am learning.

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AYU Academy speaks your language.
Enroll in the SA Program and receive one-on-one mentoring with a graduate fluent in English and

Ready to learn Ayurveda?

Let us help you find the right path.

How do you want to use Ayurveda?

To practice on others with diet, lifestyle, single herbs and self-care

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Program starts Aug 30, 2021 

For personal health

Start anytime

To practice on others with formulations and treatments

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Programs start Aug 30, 2021 

Meet the Founder

Jessica Vellela, BAMS




American-born woman to become an Ayurvedic Physician and practice independently in India


Academic publications including the 6-volume textbook series, Foundations of Ayurveda


Years of practice, teaching and study of Ayurveda with hundreds of students and patients from over a dozen countries
"Jessica has a knack for creating analogies to make Ayurvedic concepts easy to understand. She is a wealth of knowledge and her enthusiasm for learning is contagious."
- SA-2020 graduate
Vaidya Jessica Vellela is the primary instructor for core Ayurveda in professional programs. 

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for the 2022-2023 academic year

Professional programs start August 28th, 2022

Level 1

Ayurvedic Health Coach
(Svastha Acharya)

Level 2

Ayurvedic Doctor's Assistant

Level 3

Ayurvedic Doctor
(Ayurveda Acharya)