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ĀYU Academy meets the educational standards set forth by ĀYU Council for Āyurveda education in the United States. These are the highest educational standards for Āyurveda outside of India. 

ĀYU Academy is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas since 2018.

ĀYU Academy was founded by Vaidya Jessica Vellela, BAMS in 2016. ĀYU Academy offers the most organized, advanced Āyurvedic curriculum outside of India. 

Online Certificate Programs

The educational track at ĀYU Academy begins at Level 1 with Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) or the accelerated Level 2 with Svastha Āchārya.

Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC)

An introductory professional program, ideal for healthcare professionals who wish to understand holistic medicine through the lens of Āyurveda.

255 hours total


Svastha Achārya (SA)

An accelerated professional program for students who want to practice clinical Āyurveda for personalized healthcare through consultations.

540 hours total


Parichāraka (PC)

A comprehensive, hands-on professional program for students who want to practice Āyurveda in a Pañchakarma clinical setting.

975 hours total


Āyurveda Āchārya (AA)

An accelerated professional program for graduates of the Bachelor of Āyurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree program (minimum 5.5 years).

260 hours total

Sanskrit is the language of Āyurveda. Start getting knowledge straight from the source with the help of ĀYU Academy's Sanskrit workshops. We offer different levels for different needs. 

ĀYU Academy graduates start working with patients or clients as soon as they graduate.


They are able to assess and measure an individual's health (not frank disease) as well as the state of doshas, which is the emerging realm of "pre-disease" in Western medicine.


Based on their assessment of the individual's unique self, commitments and requirements, the Svastha Āchārya can recommend prioritized interventions relating to all aspects of foods and activities that impact health.

This is the most advanced Āyurvedic curriculum outside of India.

ĀYU Academy prepares students for clinical practice using organized educational materials specifically created for American Āyurveda.


Students use comprehensive textbooks with extensive translations, explanations of original Āyurvedic medical Sanskrit, charts, tables and updated applications of classical frameworks for authentic clinical practice.

Click on an image to the right to view pages from ĀYU Academy's textbook series, Foundations of Āyurveda.


The only Āyurvedic training in an Integrative Medical clinic in the US

ĀYU Academy students at Levels 2 and higher have the opportunity for clinical training in an Integrative Medical center under the supervision of Vaidya Jessica Vellela, BAMS and Dr. Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD.

During externship of Levels 2, 3 and 4, students practice online telehealth and Āyurvedic Medicine onsite, in Sebastopol, CA. Both styles of clinical training prepare students for a career in Āyurvedic Medicine and through a collaborative approach with Integrative Medicine.

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AYU Academy is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas.