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Turn your passion for holistic health into a career

with Āyurveda

Get to the heart of Āyurveda at ĀYU Academy

Our programs adhere to a rigorous curriculum that is rooted in the classical science of Āyurveda. Students gain practical experience and support to succeed as Āyurvedic professionals. 

We provide comprehensive training with solid foundations in the classical Āyurvedic medical compendium. ĀYU Academy offers the most organized, advanced Āyurvedic curriculum outside India.

Students use comprehensive textbooks with extensive translations, explanations of original Āyurvedic medical Sanskrit, charts, tables and updated applications of classical frameworks for authentic clinical practice.

We bring the science to life so that you can readily understand, retain and apply its principles today.

Enrollment now open.

The SA curriculum is based on the Competency Guidelines for Professional Ayurvedic Education at the level of Svastha Acharya. This revised syllabus trains students efficiently and effectively in the science of Ayurveda. The format, design and material in this curriculum is the most advanced method for training modern students in contemporary Ayurveda.

Top eight reasons to join AYU Academy

  1. Sanskrit, Sanskrit, Sanskrit!

  2. Learning it right, the first time

  3. Clear, comprehensive training materials

  4. Reading and understanding the classical texts

  5. Confidence in knowledge and practice

  6. Positively impact individuals' health and happiness

  7. Work with professional integrity, ethics, and values

  8. Contribute to a new paradigm of holistic, sustainable healthcare

What Students are Saying

Jennifer, SA-2019

"What I like best about this program is the clarity with which the material is presented. I've also been very well supported and guided throughout the program which provides classical instruction on par with academics in India, allowing me to converse more easily with BAMS doctors in India. Most importantly the course has cleared up my own misunderstandings about Ayurveda as it is currently taught in the West. ĀYU Academy has exceeded my expectations and is providing me with the authentic Āyurvedic education I have been looking for."

Jessica, SA-2019

"What was critical to me was finding a program that offered authentic Āyurvedic knowledge and training. This includes learning Sanskrit, mastering basic Āyurvedic principles, consistent and regular use of the classical texts and being taught by qualified professionals. I have found all of this and more in ĀYU Academy. With the Academy I found a high-level Āyurvedic education both in quality and authenticity. The depth and breadth of this program instills confidence that I will be able to practice the science of Āyurveda and its clinical application competently."

Sada, SA-2019

"Jessica is a skilled educator and this program has totally changed the way I view and use Āyurveda. As a Āyurvedic professional, this program has blown the roof off of my previous education and I am forever grateful to be able to have access to a program like this."