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SA: Svastha Acharya (Ayurvedic Trainer) Certificate Program

Svastha Āchārya Program

The Svastha Āchārya Certified Program is for students who are ready to take their Āyurvedic training to the next level. Enrollment for the program is open once each year between November and April. Classes start at the end of May and the program completes in 14 months. 

Review the steps of the Admissions process below.

Svastha Acharya


​Svastha Acharya adheres to the highest standards of professional Ayurvedic education outside of India.

The SA curriculum is based on the Competency Guidelines for Professional Ayurvedic Education at the level of Svastha Acharya. This revised syllabus trains students efficiently and effectively in the science of Ayurveda. The format, design and material in this curriculum is the most advanced method for training modern students in contemporary Ayurveda.

Review the curriculum from AYU Council

The next academic year starts May 25th, 2020.


Enroll by April 30th, 2020


A Certified ​Svastha Acharya is an AYU Counselor.

The 14-month Svastha Āchārya (AYU Counselor) Certificate Program trains students to provide a wide range of professional healthcare services. Students learn health assessment through 15 primary factors and 10 common Āyurvedic diagnoses with their causative factors and primary management through diet, lifestyle and single herbal protocols. Safe, simple and highly effective, targeted interventions are studied and applied. The program concludes with an onsite clinical orientation followed by a nine-week externship.


Program Highlights

  • Program Length: 14 months (minimum), 602 contact hours

  • Format: Live, online instruction with 1 week of required, onsite training

  • Schedule: Flexible, two-track class schedules

  • Clinical Training: Onsite and online with advanced tele-health platform

  • Academic Year: End of May through early July, annually

Enrollment Process & Deadlines

Enrollment Process​

  1. Request a Course Catalog: Request a Catalog and review the complete details, requirements and policies.

  2. Assess your Readiness: Complete the free, online Readiness Assessment as early as possible for one-on-one guidance from a Program Mentor.

  3. Apply: Submit your application early. Class sizes are limited. Prerequisites can be completed and submitted by May 23, 2020.

  4. Interview: Schedule and complete your personal interview (30-60 minutes) with an Admissions Counselor.​



Last day to apply: April 30, 2020


Last day to interview: May 10, 2020


Last day to submit ID, education proof: May 10, 2020

Last day to submit prerequisites: May 23, 2020

Applicants for the Svastha Āchārya Certificate Program, Class of 2020-2021 must complete three college-level prerequisites at 2.0 or higher and submit proof by May 23, 2020.

Our students succeed when they are well prepared for the academic rigor of the program. To support ​a higher standard of education and to better ensure that all students enter the program on a similar level, we now require college-level Anatomy & Physiology and English Composition in addition to the entry-level requirements. 

Do you need to complete prerequisites? It's easy to complete them online and it's affordable. Find out below.

Mandatory Prerequisites

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I, with lab (4 credits)

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II, with lab (4 credits)

  • English Composition I (3 credits)

For admission into the Svastha Āchārya Certificate Program for the Class of 2019-2020, candidates must complete all of the following prerequisites as college-level courses with a minimum grade of 2.0.


Proof of completion must be received in the Admissions Office at AYU Academy by the end of business on May 24, 2019. Admission to the program is conditional until all requirements and prerequisites have been received.


How to Complete Prerequisites​

Applicants who need to complete college-level prerequisites may use StraighterLine (https://www.straighterline.com/), an online education provider with affordable, college-equivalent courses. StraighterLine provides its students with CEUs commonly recognized to meet lower-division general education requirements for degree programs.

StraighterLine's courses are all online (including the lab portion) and can be completed quickly at a lower cost. Their convenience and affordability are recognized by small and large educational institutions throughout the US.

ĀYU Academy accepts CEUs through StraighterLine for prerequisites with a passing percentage of 70% or higher. Students must request that StraighterLine send their transcripts to the Academy electronically.


Submitting Prerequisites​

Applicants may submit unofficial copies of transcripts showing the completion of each prerequisite with a 2.0 grade or higher.

Each transcript copy must be

  •  Scanned on a flatbed scanner showing all edges of the document

  • Completely visible and clear

  • From an accredited institution, or through StraighterLine

  • Completely in English, or accompanied by equivalency proof and a certified translation

Certified translations are accepted from any agency currently recognized by the Foreign Credential Evaluation Services of Texas.


For the complete list of agencies, see


The Svastha Āchārya Certificate Program orients students to classical literature from day one.

We provide students with the most advanced academic textbooks on Ayurveda in clear, concise English. The six-volume Foundations of Ayurveda series bridges the classical texts and knowledge to modern clinical application.

Graduates continue to use all of their textbooks well beyond the classroom. The Foundations of Ayurveda series provides tables of detailed lakṣaṇas (clinical signs and symptoms) that prove to be invaluable resources for many years of advanced study.

All books can be purchased through ĀYU Council. Students can register for a free membership with ĀYU Council to receive a 10-20% student discount. 

Mandatory Books & Materials

All students enrolled in the Svastha Āchārya Certificate Program must have the following books for each semester of the program.

Classical Ayurvedic Medical Compendium 

Used throughout the entire program​


Foundations of Āyurveda, a six-volume series 
by. Jessica Vellela, BAMS and Prasanth Dharmarajan, PhD (Ayu)

Each semester a text from the Foundations of Āyurveda series will be required. 

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

  • Volume 4: Foundations of therapeutic management in Āyurveda (निदान & चिकित्सा - Nidāna & Cikitsā) - $100

  • Volume 5: A review of the Āyurvedic Medical compendium - $60​

  • Volume 6: Essentials of Clinical Practice for the Svastha Āchārya - $60

Note: Costs of all books are subject to change.

Students may purchase books from any vendor. The Foundations of Āyurveda, six-volume series, is currently only available through AYU Council.

Students are responsible for ordering books early so that they have them in hand on the first day of each semester. Keep in mind that titles ordered from India may take one month or more to ship, pass through customs and arrive at their destination.

Our program costs are explained clearly and easily with no hidden fees.

AYU Academy offers flexible tuition options for students in both single and multi-year formats. Our top priority is the highest level of competency in each of our graduates.

Review the details below. Whether you take one, two or three years to complete the program, you'll only pay tuition once.


Competency-based Tuition Plan


All students enrolled in the Svastha Āchārya Certificate Program have the option to complete the 14-month program over more than one academic year.

All students must pay the complete tuition in the first year. Payments can be made in four installments over 12 months with no interest. For each subsequent academic year, the student only pays the Multi-year fee.

Program Costs


The total cost for the Svastha Āchārya Certificate Program, Class of 2020-2021 is $9,406 when all books are purchased through AYU Academy.

Tuition & Fees - $8,400

  • One-time Registration Fee - $100​

  • Summer Tuition - $1,300​

  • Fall Tuition - $3,000​

  • Spring Tuition - $3,000​

  • Externship - $1,000 + the cost of travel, lodging, and food for the externship orientation and in person intensive. 

Additional Costs - varies

  • Multi-year fee - $900

  • ​Late payment fee - $100 (per payment)

Total Cost of Books - $1,006

  • Classical texts - $506​

  • Modern & Global Ayurveda - $40​

  • Foundations of Ayurveda, six-volume series - $460

  • (includes student discount)

Additional Costs - varies

All additional costs are the responsibility of the student. These generally include personal computer equipment, internet connectivity, financial transaction fees, travel and food costs for clinical orientation and onsite externship.​

Please see the Course Catalog for full details.

Payment Methods


The Registration Fee can be paid via PayPal online. All Tuition payments and book orders through AYU Academy must be paid​ electronically via ACH direct debit.

Books and additional fees through other vendors are handled separately.