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Here I am studying for my upcoming Midterm exam. I could’ve never imagined that there were going to be five sections to our midterm. I’ve never had this with other programs. And also, at this school, oral exams are part of our testing. I’ve never been orally tested. It has always been just multiple choice, long exams, and a case study to break down and come up with protocols.

The amount of information that has been presented in such a short period of time has been fast and furious. Other programs seem more relaxed. Although, a program such as Dr. Lad’s has its own expectations on students from what I understand, but I’ve never had that experience since I’ve only taken certification courses and never been tested as part of them.

Ayurveda has been on my brain even more so with all this studying.

In some programs, I wasn’t even tested. It was just understood that as long as you asked questions and attended classes, at the end of the course you would get a certificate.

I hate exams and papers but I would imagine that something like Ayurvedic Medicine would have higher standards around the educational process. Maybe Lad’s institute comes close. CAA (California College of Ayurveda) had a midterm, and final. It also had homework assignments and quizzes with each chapter.

In ĀYU Academy, some things seem generally similar or standard but the quality seems higher overall. Expectations too!

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