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I just finished doing some homework and reading. It’s a nice afternoon and I’d rather be outside.

Yesterday, I went to see Amma, the Hugging Saint, in NYC and on a screen there were projections of chants written in transliteration. While I was waiting for my turn for my hug, I was paying attention to the chants and thinking about my recent lessons in Sanskrit. I was actually having fun wondering about the sandhis and diacritical marks, and just how the overall structure of chants “flowed.” It was a fun exercise.

Also, they, the group, originates from Kerala and they speak Malayalam so it was great to hear the endings of the words they spoke that ended commonly in “m” as I learned. I also had a different and maybe even more depth to my view of the Indian culture. It was nice and amusing sort of “exercise” in ways to entertain now that I am seeing things from a different perspective because of what I’m learning in this course so far.

Interestingly, there was a meme posted on Facebook that had to do with Yoga and I reposted it. The meme had to do with examples of what people call yoga such as “aerial yoga, goat yoga, beer yoga, and disco yoga” and someone commented saying that he does aerial yoga and that it seemed that the meme was being judgmental.

My response seemed influenced by the current teachings in explaining how modern yoga was yet another creation from “cultural appropriation/cultural suppression” and how the dilution of yoga such as these mentioned are part of that.

This insightful perspective came from how I’ve been learning that Āyurveda was truly suppressed and that there have been attempts, along with the actuality, of how Āyurveda was diluted in order to meet a certain preset standard created by the westerner. The similarities between the two are clearer and how they are appearing today based on what historical events have taken place to allow this to be as such.

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