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Daily support

Receive a guaranteed, 24-hour response by email, voice or video call with a myĀyu Constant Care Membership.


myĀyu Constant Care Membership

When you need extra care and support, let our experts guide you.

Monthly membership

A myĀyu Constant Care Membership ensures that all of your questions are answered quickly. Whether you're dealing with a serious health issue or want peace of mind in applying Āyurvedic medicine correctly, the Constant Care Membership ensures you receive the right support when you need it most.

This is a monthly membership with daily, combined communication (up to 30 minutes), daily tracker review and a guaranteed, 24-hour response by email, voice or video call.

What you learn

  • Root causes of specific health issues

  • Personalized techniques and coaching to eliminate causes with targeted, effective habits in 12+ areas of integrative health
  • Why Āyurveda works with clear explanations from a qualified Āyurvedic Doctor

  • How to use short-term improvements (often symptomatic management) and long-term, root cause resolution in coordinated Āyurvedic care

  • How to apply multi-level, stage-wise management for your specific condition, including diet, lifestyle, formulations, self-care treatments and Pañchakarma, where appropriate

Each monthly subscription period includes

  • Dedicated Āyurvedic Health Coach and Āyurvedic Doctor

  • Combined communication, up to 30 minutes per day

  • Tracker review, daily

  • Guaranteed, 24-hour response by email, voice or video call

  • Comprehensive tracking tools

  • Four myĀyu Community classes

Your membership includes

  • A personal, secure Google drive folder for your tracker and health records

  • Google drive resources to learn more about Āyurveda

  • One Welcome Session to learn how to use myĀyu, 30-minutes

A Gmail or Google-compatible account is required to access all secured, digital resources and session recordings on Google Drive.

The initial enrollment fee is waived for the Constant Care Membership. Monthly memberships cannot be paused and unused sessions cannot be carried over to the next month.

Video Call

How it works

Receive daily support with a myĀyu Constant Care Membership.

Apply advanced Āyurvedic protocols in every area of life.

Focus areas

  • Targeted, Āyurvedic formulations

  • Self-care treatments

  • Sleep

  • Routines

  • Food, meals and preparation methods

  • Digestion and elimination

  • Localization, environment, seasons

  • Adaptation and wholesomeness

  • Exercise and performance training

  • Breathing

  • Relationships

  • Sattva training and meditation

Work with a dedicated Āyurvedic Doctor and Āyurvedic Health Coach to address specific health questions and issues. Apply advanced interventions under guidance and supervision to move your health forward quickly.

Includes up to 30 minutes each day of combined communication. Online sessions are held via Google Meet. Click the link below to start. All prices are in USD.

  • Monthly

    • $699 per month

    • Combined communication, up to 30 minutes per day

    • Tracker review, daily

    • Guaranteed, 24-hour response by email, voice or video call

To help you learn what works best and understand why, we provide comprehensive online tracking tools. Participants in the Constant Care Membership are required to enter detailed information on their diet, lifestyle and activities into their tracker every day in order to receive ongoing support.

Membership Details

  • No initial enrollment fee

  • New members receive one Welcome Session (30-minutes) with an SA to learn how to use myĀyu. This should be completed as soon as possible to start the daily communication and tracker review.

  • Monthly memberships cannot be paused.

  • Daily membership benefits, including communication and tracker review, are valid only for the day of the membership period, and cannot be carried over.

  • Any recommended foods, supplements, formulations or other products must be purchased separately.


Explore myĀyu

myĀyu is designed to help you learn and apply Āyurvedic medicine scientifically for your personal health needs.

Get the right help in as little as 24 hours

with personalized Memberships, Group Classes, Single Sessions and Screening Sessions

Constant Care Membership


Work with an Ayurvedic Doctor and Coach for up to 30 min per day. Receive answers to your questions within 24 hours.


Community Memberships

Starts at $39/mo

Grow your knowledge with myĀyu Community Group Classes and learn from expert Āyurvedic Doctors & Health Coaches. 


Complete Memberships

$149 - $399/mo

Learn how to use Āyurvedic medicine with a dedicated Ayurvedic Doctor and Health Coach in all areas of life.

Most Popular


Single Sessions

$99 or $149, 45 min

Receive a review and assessment of your current state along with a customized Āyurvedic health management plan.

Online Meeting

Basic Membership


Learn the principles and practice of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle with the support of a dedicated Ayurvedic Health Coach.


Screening Session

$79,25 min

Learn about improving health with diet, lifestyle and therapeutics from an AA (Āyurvedic Doctor).

myAyu Screening

Schedule a free myĀyu session

Can Āyurveda help you achieve your best health?

Find out in a free session.

Do you have questions about Āyurvedic medicine and what it can do for you? We can help provide answers in a free, 20-minute session with an Āyurvedic expert in myĀyu.

With the right expertise, plan and effort, Āyurveda gets results. But, it's not for everyone. Let our experts help you learn more about Āyurvedic healthcare so you can decide if it is a good fit for you. This session is for new clients to receive information with no commitment or obligation.

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