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Learn Āyurveda directly from the experts. Grow your knowledge with four interactive group classes each month in the myĀyu Community.


myĀyu Community Memberships

Learn Āyurveda through personal experience.

Monthly, seasonal, semiannual and annual subscriptions

Learn the scientific principles behind Āyurvedic medicine and how it can improve health, reduce risk of chronic disease and restore health through diet, lifestyle, self-care treatments and targeted therapeutics.

Join the myĀyu Community and learn Āyurveda directly from the experts in live, interactive classes online. Ask questions, get immediate answers and discuss practical topics.

Each month includes:

  • Four group classes online with worldwide schedules

  • Led by Āyurvedic Doctors and Āyurvedic Health Coaches

  • Session recordings, online library and resources

  • Discussion and Q&A with active students and practitioners

  • Monthly, Seasonal, Semiannual and Annual subscriptions available

A Gmail or Google-compatible account is required to access resources and session recordings on Google Drive.

Class discussion topics include:

  • Āyurvedic medical Pañchakarma - what is it and how to access it

  • Understanding local seasons and environment in classical Āyurveda

  • Testing new foods and monitoring outcomes

  • Learning how to assess digestion, doṣhas, health, dysfunction, psychology, etc

  • Āyurvedic psychology of sattva, rajastamas, buddhi, etc


How it works

myĀyu Community Memberships and resources are on Google Drive. 

Access schedules, resources and joining links easily.

Choose your subscription option, and click to start. All prices are in USD.


You must register with a Gmail or Google-compatible email to access memberships resources.

One hour classes are held four times each month.

  • First Saturday, Ayurvedic therapeutics with Jessica Vellela, BAMS

    • 1pm, Australian Eastern Time​

    • 3am, UTC

    • 8pm (previous day), US Pacific Time

  • Second Saturday, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle with Katerina Nestorovska, SA

    • 9am, Australian Eastern Time​

    • 11pm (previous day), UTC

    • 4pm (previous day), US Pacific Time

  • Third Sunday, Ayurvedic therapeutics with Jessica Vellela, BAMS

    • 4pm, Central European Time

    • 2pm, UTC

    • 10am, US Eastern Time​

    • 9am, US Central Time

    • 8am, US Mountain Time

    • 7am, US Pacific Time

  • Fourth Sunday, Ayurvedic psychology, diet and seasons with Jessica Vellela, BAMS

    • 4pm, Central European Time

    • 2pm, UTC

    • 10am, US Eastern Time​

    • 9am, US Central Time

    • 8am, US Mountain Time

    • 7am, US Pacific Time

After completing your registration and payment, you will receive emails within 48 hours:

  • Google drive shared folder with learning materials, resources and session recordings

  • Monthly emails with class invitations from Google Calendar

    • Respond Yes, No or Maybe to save the event and access link on your calendar.​

To change or cancel your subscription, click the link from your payment receipt.


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