Amarnath Steven Matthews 

Amarnath Matthews brings over 10 years of experience in the study of Sanskrit and Āyurvedic classical texts. He dedicates himself to the continuous learning and propagation of Āyurveda in all its forms.


Amarnath began his studies in 2004 at the California College of Ayurveda (CCA). In 2006, upon graduation from a 2 year program, he began his travels to India to further his training where he studied under the mentorship of a PhD of Āyurveda. A year later, he returned to the US and became Pañchakarma Director at CCA. After four years of dedicated service he left his position, having gained significant knowledge and experience in the process.

In 2005 Amarnath started learning introductory Sanskrit from various teachers, chanting shlokas (verses) from spiritual texts, writing the alphabet and learning proper pronunciation. In 2012 he began visiting India regularly for educational purposes and in 2018 he decided to relocate to Mysore full time. As of then, Amarnath dove deeper into his studies, learning proper spelling, reading, writing, pronunciation and basic grammar. He also joined a study group of advanced college students learning and extracting meanings directly from Āyurvedic Classical Texts in devanāgarī (Sanskrit alphabet).

Amarnath is currently continuing his training in Āyurveda through the rigorous study of Sanskrit and Sa hitā (classical texts) and interning with an Āyurvedic Doctor. He spends 6-8 hours daily reading, writing, chanting, and discussing Āyurveda.

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