Nancy Sellers, RN, BSN

Nancy Sellers is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in healthcare. She completed her AA-RN degree in 1981 and began practicing. Continuing her academic studies, she completed her BSN in 1987. Her background includes work in medical, surgical and neonatal intensive care units; women and children’s departments; home healthcare and case management.

Early in her career, Nancy found her passion in education. She recognized the direct, positive clinical outcomes in patients who were properly educated to maintain health and prevent illness. As her career progressed, her knowledge grew through applying medicine in a holistic manner especially while working with parents of babies in the NICU during emotional and challenging times. This led Nancy to become a Nurse Doula so that she could teach new parents to prepare for birth and care for newborns.

Nancy pursued independent studies in holistic medicine searching for a system that could teach people how to live long, happy and healthier lives. When she discovered Āyurvedic medicine, it made sense in a deeply impactful way. She chose to formally study Āyurveda and train to become a Certified Svastha Āchārya for the depth of education and collaborative practice opportunities beyond graduation. Like her colleagues, Nancy is passionate about raising the bar of Āyurvedic education to create a higher standard of practice with qualified professionals.

Nancy brings decades of practical, insightful experience in healthcare to students at the Academy. She trains students by preparing them for a professional career in healthcare. She is a primary mentor in all aspects of professional character, ethical behavior, decision-making skills, scope of practice, industry standards, compliance and development of confidence in practice.

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