Arya Krishna, BAMS

Arya Krishna is an Āyurveda Āchārya (Āyurvedic Physician) who specializes in Āyurvedic diet and lifestyle as well as Women’s health and Rasāyana (regeneration and restoration).


Born, raised and educated in India, Arya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Āyurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Amrita School of Ayurveda in Kerala, a Fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitation from Apollo Group of Educational Institutions in Hyderabad, and has extensive experience in clinical practice and Pañcakarma.


In addition, Arya is a registered Āyurveda Doctor under the Indian Medical Council and an editor at the International Āyurvedic Medical Journal, which awarded her a Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing in 2019.

Before migrating to the United States in 2015, Arya was Resident Medical Officer (Āyurveda) at AyurVAID hospital in Bangalore where she acquired deep knowledge and experience in precision and evidence-based Āyurveda.

In the US, Arya worked as an Āyurvedic Consultant and Pañchakarma expert at House of Ayurveda in Chicago for a period of 2 years and continues to work towards the promotion and propagation of Āyurveda by offering lectures, webinars and contributing to various academic journals. She is a resource person for the Council of Ayurveda Research and an Āyurvedic blogger for The Ayurveda Experience and Mother Earth Living Magazine.

Arya is currently based in New Jersey where she works as Āyurvedic Consultant and Educational Coordinator.

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