Aparna Upadhyaya

Aparna Upadhyaya is an Āyurveda Āchārya (Āyurvedic Physician) specialized in Pediatric Care. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is currently in the process of completing her Advanced Practice Provider Program (Doctoral Program in Nursing) with the aim of expanding her scope of practice as part of an integrative healthcare team.

Aparna Upadhyaya spent most of her childhood in Dubai, UAE where she gained early exposure to Āyurveda and Yoga. It all started with an encounter her parents had with a certified Yoga therapist and Āyurvedic Doctor during a health seminar. Both her mother and father were able to manage and alleviate various chronic conditions through the disciplined practice of Āyurveda and Yoga. As a consequence, they then decided to leave their lucrative careers in Dubai, to spend a lifetime learning Yoga in India.

Highly influenced and motivated by her parents, Aparna got into the Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (Āyurveda Āchārya) program at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Ayurveda College in Udupi, India. Upon graduation, Aparna worked as a product manager at an Āyurvedic pharmaceutical and began to explore integrative healthcare collaborating with her Yoga therapist father providing Āyurvedic treatment/care for his clients.

Aparna brings in a holistic approach to Āyurvedic teaching, with emphasis on the practical integration of both Āyurveda and Yoga applicable to people's lifestyles. She currently works for a Stanford Hospital affiliated Pediatric Urgent Care unit in California and continues to propagate and teach Yoga and Āyurveda on a regular basis.

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