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AHC: Āyurvedic Health Coach Certificate Program

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Application deadline: August 15, 2020

Program starts: August 31, 2020

Program ends: May 28, 2021



The Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program is an introductory professional program for students embarking on a career in Āyurveda. Students learn the foundations of Āyurveda, avenues of practice, core principles, components of health for healthy individuals and generalized health management using diet, lifestyle and self-care treatments.

Graduates work independently and collaboratively to identify appropriate clients to educate for general health improvement in private and group settings. Graduates can work collaboratively with certified Āyurvedic professionals to provide extended services in American Āyurvedic healthcare using holistic and sustainable methods.

The AHC program emphasizes direct, experiential learning. Students receive live, onsite instruction over two, 9-day intensives which include cooking classes, movement and Yoga Asana practice, Sanskrit pronunciation exercises and more.

Two-hour classes are held once a week on Monday evenings during fall and spring semesters. The complete program covers courses from core requirements to pre- clinical application for healthcare professionals in Āyurveda.


Skills and Outcomes

Successful graduates of the Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program are prepared to apply basic Āyurvedic skills in their personal lives and professional spheres on an introductory level. They can speak to a broad range of topics related to normal health and its presentations in the general population. They understand the positive and potentially negative impacts of applying Āyurveda through their own personal study in the program.

Graduates are capable and confident to share accurate information and a thorough understanding of health from the classical literature of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine. Additionally, they are trained in its practical application, and expected modifications, required for use in Western demographics and locations.

Training from the Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program equips healthcare professionals with the tools they need to understand the big picture and scope of the holistic medical paradigm through the lens of Āyurveda. Nurses, doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths and many other medical professionals find this training to be a missing key in healthcare.



Instructor: TBA

Program length

  • 255 hours total

  • 180 hours online/onsite class 

  • 30 hours laboratory experience

  • 45 hours pre-clinical externship


  • Age 18 years or older on admission

  • Valid, government-issued photo ID

  • Valid email address

Recommended preparation


  • 2 hours of online classes per week plus a nine day onsite intensive per term (63.5 hours Fall Semester and 57.5 hours Spring Semester.)

  • Last two months, 4 hours of online classes per week plus 9 hours pre-clinical practice a week through telehealth.

Costs and payment plan

  • One-time registration fee, $100

  • Total tuition, including pre-clinical externship, $4,400

  • Textbooks, $300

Additional requirements

  • Personal computer and internet connection


Qualified candidates

All candidates for the Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program must meet the General Admission Criteria. Additionally, US or International candidates must meet their specific criteria.

General Admission Criteria

  1. Age: at least 18 years of age on the first day of class

  2. Identification: valid copy of government-issued photo ID

  3. Email: valid email address and consent to receive all correspondence electronically

  4. Prerequisites: fulfill prerequisites, or be granted a proficiency waiver by the School Director

Criteria for US candidates only

  1. Education: submit proof of completion of secondary education (high school diploma, GED certificate or the home-schooling equivalent) or higher

  2. Interview: complete an online live interview with an Admissions Counselor


Criteria for International candidates only

  1. Education: submit proof of completion for the home country's equivalent of secondary education

  2. Interview: complete an online, live interview with an Admissions Counselor

  3. English: demonstrated proficiency in English during Admissions Interview

All international credentials in any language other than English must be translated with equivalency proof. Translations are accepted from any of the following Foreign Credential Evaluation Services:


Pre-requisites and co-requisites


There are no formal pre-requisites or co-requisites for the Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program. However, we recommend students complete the Applied Sanskrit for Āyurveda and Yoga workshops I, II and III (30 hours) as additional preparation. 

Course descriptions


The Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program includes six lecture courses and one pre-clinical externship course.

[AYU-100] Introduction to professional Āyurveda

Onsite, 2.0 credits

30 hours  (30 lecture / 0 lab / 0 ext)

Instructor-led lecture, discussion, Q&A

Students complete a formal introduction to the practice and scope of professional Āyurveda. They perform a comprehensive review of relevant, general knowledge and sciences through local, national and international perspectives. They learn to bridge concepts between Āyurveda and Western sciences for practical application. 

[AYU-101] Sanskrit for the AHC

Onsite, 1.0 credit

15 hours

Instructor-led lecture, discussion, Q&A

Students apply basic knowledge of Sanskrit for practical application at this professional level. They review common terms, practice their pronunciation. Through repetition and example, students gain familiarity with common terms to prepare them for further study.

[AYU-105] Introduction to core principles of holistic health

Online, 3.0 credits

45 hours total (45 lecture / 0 lab / 0 ext)

Instructor-led lecture, discussion, Q&A

Students are introduced to the human body in classical Āyurveda with Western correlations for pre-clinical applications. Students learn key, consolidated classical theories and the framework for holistic health management.

[AYU-107] Professional practice of pre-clinical yurveda

Online, 1.0 credits

15 hours (15 lecture / 0 lab / 0 ext)

Instructor-led lecture, discussion, Q&A

Students are introduced to professional practice, ethics, communication, documentation and responsibilities of scope of practice. Students practice through case examples and discussion.

[AYU-108] Introduction to therapeutic management

Online, 2.0 credits

30 hours total (30 lecture / 0 lab / 0 ext)

Instructor-led lecture, discussion, Q&A

Students are introduced to the foundations of pre-clinical, therapeutic management in classical Āyurveda through practice and measurement
of the doṣhas. Students practice professional communication skills in the classroom setting.

[AYU-109] Pre-clinical yurveda for holistic living

Onsite, 3.0 credits

45 hours total (45 lecture / 0 lab / 0 ext)

Instructor-led lecture, discussion, Q&A

Students learn and apply the core principles
of holistic healthy living in classical Āyurveda. They study external and internal factors that influence health, and practice general therapeutic interventions.


[AYU-140] Pre-clinical yurveda 

Online, 2.0 credits

75 hours total (0 lecture / 30 lab / 45 ext)
Lab, pre-clinical practice, pre-clinical discussion

Externs are trained in pre-clinical Āyurvedic practice and case management to promote health. Externs present cases for discussion, feedback and followup.

Externs practice pre-clinical Āyurveda for ve weeks under supervision of an Āyurvedic Doctor and Certified Svastha Āchāryas. Each week, externs spend 9 hours on pre-clinical practice via telehealth and 3 hours in pre-clinical discussion. They engage with clients in counseling and education to promote general health and well- being.

Each extern must complete 25 case encounters with appropriate documentation and submit their results on a regular basis. Case encounters include observed cases, group study cases and those managed independently for initial or follow-up cases. Up to ten demonstration cases covered in lecture and lab may be included in an extern's final records.



The Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program is taught in three segments.

  1. Fall semester

  2. Spring semester

  3. Externship

Fall semester class schedules

  1. Mondays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm (ET)

  2. One 9-day Intensive from Saturday 9/5 through Sunday 9/13/2020 every day (63.5 hours)

Spring semester class schedules

  1. Mondays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm (ET)

  2. One 9-day Intensive from Saturday 4/3 through Sunday 4/11/2021 every day (57.5 hours)

Externship schedules

  1. Mondays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm(ET)

  2. Wednesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm (ET)

  3. Weekly, nine hours of pre-clinical practice via telehealth.


Costs and payment plan

The total cost of the Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program is $4,800 when the program is completed in the standard time frame of 10 months.

Standard costs

  1. One-time registration fee: $100

  2. Tuition deposit: $500, applied in full to tuition

  3. Total tuition, including pre-clinical externship: $4,400

  4. Required books: $300

Additional costs may include

  1. Multi-year fee: up to $900

  2. Late payment fee: $100

  3. Additional, personal costs (varies)

Students may opt to complete the program over multiple years. When they elect this option, the multi-year fee is due at the beginning of each subsequent year. All standard costs must be paid within the first year of enrollment.

All additional costs are the responsibility of the student. These may include a personal computer and equipment, financial transaction fees (currency conversion, wire transfer, etc) and externship.

Payment deadlines are by 5pm Eastern Time on the date listed. Late payments are subject to a $100 Late Payment Fee unless the student notifies the Academy in advance and receives approval.

Payment Plan

Tuition may be paid in full at the start of the program, or as interest-free installments.

  1. First payment $2,000 less tuition deposit.

  2. Second payment, $2,000.

  3. Third payment, $800.

Payment methods

All payments are accepted electronically, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  1. Workshop fees, PayPal

  2. Registration fees, PayPal

  3. Tuition, ACH debit (electronic checking)

  4. Books, ACH debit (electronic checking)



Required textbooks for the Āyurvedic Health Coach (AHC) Certificate Program total $240. These can be purchased through the Academy or any vendor of choice.

Books must only be purchased when the student is ready to begin the related portion of the program.

Fall Semester:

  1. AHC Series, Volume 1, $60

  2. AHC Series, Volume 2, $100

  3. Modern and Global Ayurveda

Spring Semester

  1. AHC Series, Volume 3, $100

All prices include shipping and handling within the continental US.